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Shooting Ground Setup

We Often Get called upon to setup Shooting grounds and activities at schools and colleges. If you are interested in setting up a shooting ground, we can provide the following:

  • Design of Range Template in order to maximise the use of the allocated area.
  • Liaison with local police authority to obtain necessary Firearms act exemptions.
  • Purchase of all equipment including Guns, Traps and Safety Equipment.
  • Supply of qualified personnel to run the range and instruct students.
  • Advice on Insurance requirements.
  • Health and Safety Advice and Risk assessments.


Eye Dominance Products


Do you see two gun barrels when you focus on the target, Do you feel you are looking down the side of the Gun when shooting, Do you have to focus on the gun bead to get rid of the blurred barrels, Do you have to shut an eye to see the target clearly?

Are your scores suffering as a result? There is a good chance you have an eye dominance problem.

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